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The secret notebook

A story with... Leonardo

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Too many ideas springing into your mind? Urge to fly free as the swallows in the sky? If, like Leonardo, you are growing up in the Tuscan countryside in 1460, these things may seem a little strange! Better then to confide them to a secret notebook written in a mysterious code that no one can read...
And at the back of the book... Create your own masterpiece, play with quizzes, experiment with the techniques and secrets of the artists, and discover everything that is true in the stories you have just read!
Original title: ''Il taccuino segreto''.
  • Collana:
    Art Dossier Junior
  • Lingue:
  • Legatura:
    Brossura con bandelle
  • Numero pagine:
  • Prima edizione:
    giugno 2013
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