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Museo Galileo

Interactive Area. Galileo and the measurement of time

A cura di Filippo Camerota
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The Museo Galileo in Florence, in partnership with Officine Panerai, is inaugurating a new permanent area dedicated to ''Galileo and the measurement of time'' - an interactive space consisting of three rooms, illustrating the fundamental role of Galileo's discoveries in the development of timekeeping systems. Mechanical models, exhibits operated directly by the user and interactive touch screens illustrate the innovative intuitions and solutions through which Galileo introduced revolutionary new ideas in the architecture of the universe and the science of motion. His ideas also led to the creation of ingenious devices for transforming the primitive, mechanical clocks in use at the time into reliable instruments. Thanks to these innovative solutions, Galileo hoped to solve at last the crucial problem of determining longitude at sea. In these three new rooms, visitors will journey along the pathways that led to Galileo's confirmation of the Copernican structure of the universe thanks to the telescope; to his definition of the strict mathematical laws that rule the phenomena of motion; and to his discovery of the isochronism of the pendulum, a true milestone in the history of timekeeping.

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